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René Hart is a seasoned resume writer with 20+ years of experience developing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and related documents for top-tier executives, entrepreneurs, and rising rock stars in business, technology, health care, and other industries.

René is exceptionally talented at developing visually dynamic, powerfully written, content-rich documents that capture the prospective employer’s attention and secure interviews.

“If told effectively, the executive’s story is a tale of calculated, decisive, and progressive leadership—one of conquering challenges and clearing away the obstacles that stand in the way of a company's success. My clients are high-energy, high-impact contributors to some of the world’s most prominent companies. Their resumes not only detail facts and figures—revenue and profit growth, savings captured, technologies deployed, efficiencies gained, productivity improved, deals structured, etc.—but also provide the context the reader needs to understand the circumstances in which these results were obtained. Without that context, the numbers aren’t as powerful.”

— René Hart

René differentiates her clients by crafting vivid, powerful, and compelling career stories that effectively communicate the true value her clients offer.

For much of her career, René was on contract for some of the top resume writing services in the U.S. She has an impeccable reputation for writing high-impact resumes and delivering the personalized service that executives have come to expect.

If you’d like to talk to René and see if working with her is the right choice for you, call or email her today.